Analysis of thepotential of your expansion project

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of your internalisation for just 99 €

What is the analysis of the potential
of your expansion project?

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Orientation of your internalisation
strategy and staff skills

In the first section of the analysis you will get information about
key-requirements to be fulfilled in order to guarantee the
successful implementation of the strategy


Competitive capacity of the company and potential
obstacles of your internalisation process

In this secondsectionof the analysis you will get the detail of your company’s
competitive capacity to expand to new markets. For this purpose,
we will carefully analyse:

The best possibilities that foreign markets offer to your product

Your available resources in terms of knowledge, skills, capacities…
and the ones you will need to strengthen


Breakdown of the strategy phases for the internalisation process of your products
and analysis marketsoffering possibilities of success

In the final part of the analysis you will learn whether it is now
or not the best timing for your company to start a global strategy.

You will not only learn about the strengths of your company but also the
weaknesses you will need to strengthen in order to guarantee the success of your expansion.

How does the analysis process work?

The analysis implies a 99 € investment.

Payment is done through Paypal.

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From the Comglobal team we will send you an email to the address provided by you during your payment. This email will contain thequestioner covering the 3 sections of the analysis, we will need to analyse, referring to the situation, needs and resources of your company.

Once you have completed it, you will send it back to us by email.

According to the information provided, we will analyse your situation and we will arrange a call conference to review with the person or team of your company the results of the analysis of your business with you.

In this way you will be able to define the success of the failure of your internationalisation strategy before blindly investing on it. At the same time you will be advise on alternatives and possibilities by our team of experts.

In addition to that you have a total guarantee. You will receive the money back if you are not satisfied with the result of the analysis!

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